Saturday, August 3, 2013


Doesn't seem like when life is going downhill sometimes you're just so easy to please? Life has been pretty rough in terms of... Well, everything lately. I've slowly gotten used to the fact I'm going to be an aunt but I still don't like her. Eating right is hard but I'm at least avoiding gluten like I need to. Keeping it to the things I've talked about on here. Last night I was on Omegle (yeah, I know) and I was drinking (get off my case!). Some random stranger sat there and talked to me for hours, just keeping me company and talking about anything in the world. He was such a nice guy. I'm really glad that there are some nice guys out there (not all guys are mean!). So here I am to just kind of say thank you to my new friend Wyatt and to all who are reading this I want to ask you to do something nice for someone today and tomorrow and everyday after that. It doesn't have to be something big or time consuming but it might just make a huge difference in the other person's day and it sure will make you feel good.

Keep on rolling through and enjoy life.