Sunday, December 23, 2012

5 O'clock In The Morning

Ok so it's not 5 in the morning but that gets me started with the topic for this post: songs. It's about 1 in the morning and I'm hyper yet there are some things I really really need to get off my chest. Here lately I've been going strong with my boyfriend and I love it but no matter what it seems that there is always that one song that gives you the chills, makes you think of them, melts you heart, ect... Well. The first time I went over to his house we had to watch a movie that his younger sisters could watch so we chose Tarzan. At the end the screen goes black and "You'll Be In My Heart" by Phil Collins comes on and he just held me really close and murmured the words softly. Just loud enough for me to hear it. Now no matter how stressed, how upset, how alone I am I can think of that moment, listen to that song, and just relax. It makes me feel better. I think that's the moment I really knew him and I were going to last a long time. We've only made it to a little under 2 months now but it'll hopefully go for a lot longer than that. Hopefully your life is going this fine so close to Christmas/the holidays.

Keep calm and listen on.

Happy Holidays


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