Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just a thought

I was thinking about life the other day and how much dance has affected it. That's when I remembered I had written this a while ago. I figured I'd share it.

Standing there in the spotlight,
waiting for the music to start,
for the adrenaline to pulse through my veins,
for the dancing to begin.
I live for this.
 Breath slowly as your head begins to spin
and all eyes are on you.

In a split second it's all over.
Standing ovation.
My job here is done.

Along with that I realize I don't post much on here. I have kept a notebook full of stuff I want to put on here but it would take some time. I'd put the date I'd written it and even the time so I can put it on here for you guys to read. My life has been super crazy lately as it normally is in December. Comment and tell me if you want me to put up these entries that I have written throughout my day at school in the the past few weeks.

Keep in touch.


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