Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All is well

One last thing before I go to bed. Aceman. He pretty much made my day. He irritated me and made me mad like 5 months ago but after a while I cooled down and learned to love him... real fast. He's like so incredibly awesome. I never knew his name or what he looked like until I decided to give him a shot at being less whiny. ;) As we talked more and more him and I just got along better and better. He didn't care that I did silly little things like chew on pens or lost my phone 24/7 or drew on myself. He liked me for me. Aceman. You probably just saved my life for real.

Stay positive. Be yourself. Be forgiving. Stay alive.

Yoursforever- almost positively found a true best (non-friend zoned) friend

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