Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blogging for Beginners

Today was crazy. For some reason it ended up being sad but it started out by having to run to the bus or be late then when I got there everyone was crabby for some odd reason. Mondays are for being crabby, not Tuesdays. After that it just went down hill. Around 11:30 something weird happened. I realized I didn't want him. Him being this guy I'd been head over heels for since I was little. As I grew up I'd forgotten about him. Once into high school we had to spend every day together in some way or another. I spent more and more time with him and I found out he wasn't worth getting all caught up with. He just wanted me for my body. I just wanted him so I wouldn't be alone. Girls- Don't settle just so you're not alone. Be happy with your life. Things do get better. Boys- Don't treat girls like they're some item. They are people too. Don't just use them and not want anything else to do with them.

As for the ending of my day it's about 9pm now. I had this long conversation with the guy mentioned above and now he won't talk to me. Yes I'm ok with that but he was always there for me. I just don't like him like that. He only wanted my body. I'm left feeling empty and sad.

 But don't worry. Life gets better. Love, Yoursforever

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